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Marin Asher

Creative Strategist

Hello, I’m Marin

It’s like Mar-Lin without the “L”

In 2023, I founded AquaMarina Marketing to help businesses uncover their brand identity, and position them for success in an ever-evolving market. My goal is to become a valued member of your team, providing a personal touch that’s rare these days.

I’m delighted to share a bit about personal and professional story with you. I think a great place to start is with what that guides my daily journey towards happiness and success:


Principles that Guide My Journey


Acknowledging life’s gifts, no matter how big or small brings joy.


Admiring the talents of others and caring about their feelings promotes teamwork.


Visualizing a successful outcome despite challenges minimizes stress.


Reasoning based on the balance of both knowledge and experience supports trusted decisions.

My professional journey

My expedition in the realms of innovative technology and creative vision began in 1998, near Denver, Colorado. Alongside two partners, we initiated an all-digital video production company, crafting promotional, instructional, and educational content for local businesses and television stations.

Upon relocating to Florida, I ventured into sales for tourism-related print publications before diving headfirst into the wide world of web design. I loved designing user-friendly websites, melding functionality with beauty to manifest my clients’ visions.

My commitment extended beyond mere looks. Through comprehensive consultations, I sought to understand and address my clients’ specific needs. From ebooks to blogging, social media strategies, and beyond, I strived to provide holistic solutions.

My marketing journey continued as I joined a pest control and lawn care company, where I developed all-encompassing marketing plans spanning various mediums: TV, radio, billboards, print ads, Google Adwords, social media, and press releases. This era also saw the birth of award-winning videos, including an ADDY Award-winning 30-second spot in 2022.

Serving as the Chief Operating Officer at CONRIC pr + marketing was a pinnacle, where I channeled my diverse marketing background and collaborative spirit to propel our team and clients toward their ultimate potential.

Driven by a deep desire to experience entrepreneurship, I founded AquaMarina Marketing in 2023. My goal? To immerse myself deeply into each client’s brand identity and uncover its true voice.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to Our Mother’s Home of SWFL, proudly serving as the Vice-President of their Board of Directors. Supporting young mothers in achieving independence and success is a cause close to my heart.

In my personal life, I find joy in photography, jewelry making, painting, and navigating the back bays by boat with my husband, daughter, and our boxer, Kona.

At AquaMarina Marketing, expect more than just surface-level solutions. Together, let’s dive deep, unlocking the true power of your brand and develop a transformative journey towards enduring success.

I’m eager to connect and explore possibilities with purpose-driven businesses seeking a partner in their search for brand elevation.

My experience

Chief Operating Officer

CONRIC pr + marketing

July 2022 – April 2023

Utilizing my diverse marketing background and passion for collaboration, I helped the CONRIC team, and ultimately their clients, achieve their highest potential. 

Director of Inside Sales

Larue Pest Management

2021 – 2022

I was instrumental in developing the inside sales team as an urgent necessity for the changing demands brought on by Covid and increasing gas prices. After implementing this new sales approach, we were able to convert 30% of our new sales over the phone ( +26% YOY) and increase our overall sales revenue by 28%.

Director of Marketing

Larue Pest Management

2014 – 2022

My position was focused on developing strong relationships within the community, growing our commercial and residential portfolios, and maintaining strong brand awareness. Some responsibilities included:

  • Developing an annual marketing plan and budget
  • Designing and managing all aspects of the company website
  • Designing and procuring marketing materials and promotional items
  • Scripting, directing, and starring in commercials and informational videos
  • Writing and recording phone system prompts and on-hold messages
  • Creating custom photography and videography
  • Developing engaging social media content
  • Increasing online reviews and personally acknowledging each one
  • Photographing and writing bios for each new team member to post on website
  • Developing company core value statements and symbols
  • Continuously reviewing current software trends for the betterment of company systems and profits  
  • Designing and implementing a memorable trade show booth
  • Representing the company through volunteerism and attending community events

Board Member

Our Mothers Home of Southwest Florida

2015 – Present

In my years of serving on the Board of Directors for Our Mothers Home, I’ve organized events and provided the marketing resources needed to propel awareness for the organization. As Vice-President of the Board of Directors, I am responsible for promoting our Capital Campaign to support the renovation of a recently purchased building, so that we can expand our services in the community. 

Marketing Manager

Internet Services Group of Florida

2012 – 2014

Working closely with companies like Aubuchon Homes, Winged Foot Title and Progressive Builders I helped to define their marketing goals and develop a plan to reach those goals.

Senior Creative Director

Internet Services Group of Florida

2003 – 2014

I met with clients, often at their place of business, in order to truly understand their mission and vision for their brand. Over the years, my clients have included respected businesses, such as Norman Love Confections, CRE Consultants, Storm Smart, and Riverchase Dermatology. In addition to websites, I designed logos, ads, brochures, business cards, and many other marketing materials. 

Sales Representative

Southwest Florida Distributing & Publishing


Managed the sales processes from prospecting and initial contact to continued relationship management for publications such as the Sanibel & Captiva Chamber of Commerce Visitors Guide, Cape Coral Visitors Guide, and the SW Florida Travel Guide. I also created and maintained an intense production schedule.

What’s in a name?

In my world, it means a LOT!
The name AquaMarina isn’t just a clever twist on my own name, Marin Asher. It signifies a profound representation of my values, family ties, and unwavering dedication to elevating your brand to its highest potential.

The Fusion of Family

The name AquaMarina originates from the fusion of my name, Marin, and my daughter’s, Amara. Additionally, Aquamarine happens to be the birthstone for March, shared between my mother, daughter, and me. This shared gem serves as a constant reminder of the significance of family and the powerful connections that drive me onward.

A Life Embraced by Water

The Latin phrase “Aqua marina,” meaning “seawater,” deeply resonates with my spirit. As an avid lover of the sea, much of my life is spent on the water boating, especially since my husband started a private boat tour company. My bond with the sea serves as a daily inspiration, symbolizing the ever-changing, boundless nature of my work.

Embracing the Essence of Water

Water, as an elemental force, fuels my creative energy. Its fluidity, adaptability, and profound depth greatly influence my marketing approach. Just as water molds itself to the path it travels, I tailor my strategies to suit each unique brand, ensuring not just survival, but flourishing in the competitive marketplace.

Unleashing Limitless Potential

At the core of AquaMarina Marketing lies my unwavering commitment to making significant waves in the marketing realm. I wholeheartedly believe in delving deep to unearth the true potential of your brand. My dedication is in crafting innovative strategies that resonate deeply with your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

My Solemn Vow

AquaMarina Marketing transcends being just another agency; I embody a family-centric, water-inspired force that transforms brands. My pledge is to infuse your brand with boundless creativity, precise strategy, and unbridled passion, ensuring it stands out amidst the ever-evolving marketing landscape. I’m here to navigate your journey to success, just as the sea has guided me.

Schedule a marketing deep dive with me and let’s create waves together!

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